Friday, July 30, 2010

Inverting the proverb: 'We study least what we take most for granted'

Founded 1888, South Wandin (Silvan), Victoria, Australia

The mythical University of South Wandin in the parish of Wandin Yallock, in the region of the Shire of Lillydale, in the Dandenong Ranges- Yarra Valley of Victoria, Australia, was founded in about 1888 by a anonymous writer then living in South Wandin. - - - - The pseudonymic writer wrote a nunber of articles headed "From THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH WANDIN" which were published in the Lilydale Express, the newspaper of the day. - - - - But, then, South Wandin did have many graduates of Melbourne University in Residence, as well as the University of Edinburgh, Indeed, South Wandin had an Advancement and Progress league that was looking to link their district to the greater Melbourne Metropolis by means of regular Railway that their has been no vision of since. Knowledge of this Railway which has never been built, continues to provide me with a sense of the country and the place that could have been, that could be. - - - - Fact is, in our time, we have often been more mercenary. We have been less forward in Vision than our own great grandfather's were. Our time has a can't do attitude where their attitude was can do. We are too often concerned with what we can't do. Late Twentieth and early Twenty-first Century Catastrophism and Environmentalism is in a great part responsible for this loss of hope. This is a fearful, visionless way. Such Visionaries may well have imagined a rural Australia University, in the Mountains and Valleys of Australia, much as Universities may be found in Wuerrtemberg, Bavaria, and Baden or elsewhere in Germany.